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Grand Canyon National Park Airport (KGCN)
Grand Canyon National Park Airport (IATA: GCN, ICAO: KGCN, FAA LID: GCN) is a public airport located in Tusayan, Coconino County, Arizona, near Grand Canyon National Park, seven miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The airport is primarily used for scenic tours and charter flights, but there is scheduled commercial service.

Sault Ste Marie Airport (CYAM) Available NOW!!! Airport History
Since its origin in 1961, the Sault Ste. Marie Airport has provided the vital air transportation link to the people and businesses of Sault Ste. Marie and the District of Algoma.Since assuming ownership and control of the Airport from the Federal government in 1998, the Sault Ste. Marie Airport Development Corporation (SSMADC) has strived to improve air transportation services for the community in a socially and

Springbank Airport Calgary (CYBW) The Springbank airport is located 10 kilometres west of Calgary City, slightly north of the Trans-Canada Highway #1. It is in the directly in the heart of Municipal District of Rocky View No. 44, and occupies approximately 420 hectares (1040 acres) of land. The airport is surrounded by mostly flat, agricultural land that slopes gently northward towards the Bow River. Springbank is conveniently located near suburban area of Calgary and many small towns like Bragg Creek and Cochrane.
Calgary International - FSX!!! Calgary International Airport CYYC for FSX. CanUk would like to heartily thank Nigel Grant for creating an update that allows CYYC to run in FSX. Nigel's update does not offer all the features of the FS9 version but is an excellent interim version until CanUk manages to get a final FSX version out. Unfortunately due to time restrictions, CanUk cannot say when a final FSX version will be available. You may find Nigel's files by searching "Nigel Grant" in the avsim file library at
Calgary International CanUk has completed the most realistic version of CYYC Calgary International Airport ever produced. The scenery features complete ground, taxiways, runways, signs, terminals, G/A buildings, Towers and so much more.
St. Stephen (CCS3) GMAX construction, custom ground textures/taxiways/runway, custom 3d snowbanks, night lighting, radio activated automated hangar with complete interior, custom landclass based on aerial photos, lots of local vegitation and local off-airport buildings, Car dealership, St. Stephen golf course and more.

Miramichi (CYCH) formerly CFB Chatham GMAX construction, photoreal textures, custom ground textures, automated gates and hangar doors, static vehicles.
Charlottetown (CYYG) serves as the main airport for international, domestic and regional flights as well as a departure point for Prince Edward Island.
Fredericton (CYFC) airport is serviced by regional daily carriers, as well as providing connecting flights to international hubs
Saint John (CYSJ) airport hosts various regional carriers and GA traffic in its southern New Brunswick location.
Bathurst (CZBF) airport is a small airport that serves a connection to Trudeau International and Frederiction for those in northern New Brunswick.
Winnipeg (CYWG) serves as a base for international, domestic and regional flights as well as a departure point to the north for those bush flying enthusiasts.
Northern Manitoba Airports (CYQD)(CYFO)(CYNE)(CYCR) is a package of four small airports, scattered throughout Manitoba.
Brandon (CYBR) airport is a rural community airport that has daily flights to Winnipeg International and Dauphin Airport. Has regional commercial, GA and Cargo traffic.
Thompson (CYTH) airport serves as a link from northern Manitoba to Winnipeg Internation. Thompson is an industrial town, which sees alot of Cargo and commercial traffic.
Three Northern Ontario Airports (CYXZ)(CYSP)(CYQK) consist of small, rural airports that scatter across from Thunder Bay Ontario to Sault St. Marie Ontario.
The present day facility incorporates the site of the first official Grand Canyon airport, a landing field authorized by the U.S. Forest Service for commercial flights in 1925. The new airport first opened for business in October 1965. The airport terminal was completed and formally dedicated on October 20, 1967. Today, the airport is the third most active air carrier airport in the Arizona, following Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Tucson International Airport. Over 40 air taxi and commuter carriers serve the airport.
- Wikipedia
These are very early progress shots and as of yet we have no custom ground textures. We intend to complete a 3-airport package of the area including Boulder City Municipal (61B) and Furnace Creek (L06).
The Canadian federal government still maintains ownership of the Springbank Airport; however, all operations are contracted by lease to the Calgary Airport Authority.
fiscally responsible manner, while being progressive in its efforts to promote, develop and upgrade the Airport’s lands and facilities. The Corporation Under the Federal government’s National Airports Policy (1994), ownership of the Airport was offered to provincial and local governments, airport commissions, private businesses or other interests, in that order. In response to this policy, the SSMADC, an independent, not-for-profit, community-based entity incorporated on April 26, 1996, took over ownership and operation of the Airport on March 28, 1998.
Of the 23 regional, local or small airports in Ontario that have been transferred from the Federal government, the Sault Ste. Marie Airport is the only airport that is not directly affiliated with a municipality. The Airport must raise sufficient revenues from fees, concessions and leases to meet its operating expenses, provide for facilities renewal and pay taxes.
The SSMADC’s Mission Statement:
“To make the Airport the best, regional air transportation facility in the country through a philosophy of community-based control and self-sustaining operation, and by providing positive benefits to the people and commerce of Sault Ste. Marie and the District of Algoma.”  
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Grand Manan Grand Manan is an island just off the coast of New Brunswick, Canada. The airport is classified as an airport of entry by NAV CANADA and is staffed by the Canada Border Services Agency. CBSA officers at this airport currently can handle general aviation aircraft only, with no more than 15 passengers. The Islandhas been an important part of the NB history and heritage, therfore it deserves its rightful spot in the FS world. It's mesh terrain and accurate scenery make it a very interesting airport to visit
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